• Safe vessels: The vessels are stored outside the water, inside roofed industrial hurricane-proofed buildings.
• Speed and efficiency:
A coordinated system of gantry crane and elevator places the vessel on the embarking moor.
• Safe users:
The user receives their vessel in the moor, without intervening nor transiting in the unloading and uploading process.
• Low costs:
Eliminates need for bottom painting and general maintenance.



The most comprehensive service for vessels and sailors in the same place:.
• Storage and handling capacity for large vessels
• Parking lots
• Market, shopping mall
• Restaurant, food services
• Restrooms, dressing rooms
• Vip Lounge
• Comprehensive mechanical services
• Open 24/7
• Safety protocols with state-of-the-art technology

world class


• Designed by Pininfarina: Designer for brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, the new Juventus Stadium, in Turin, and the MIllecento luxury condo in Miami.
The brand that brought the italian style into the world.
• Inspired by the large airport terminals, far from everything known in nautical services.
• Adding aesthetics to services: An idea that distinguishes Tifon from its competitors.